Evacuation in emergencies

The E5000 – a rescue ladder vehicle for the airport fire brigade

Stefan Mertens – Head of the airport fire brigade

“Our vehicle fleet has a new addition for the ICAO area, which involves all vehicles deployed for aircraft firefighting.”

ICAO stands for International Civil Aviation Association

Stefan Mertens – Head of the airport fire brigade

“This rescue ladder can be used for two things, for medical emergencies on board and for firefighting purposes. In the event of a fire, it enables us to gain access to the aircraft and perform tactical ventilation as well as to rescue passengers on board who cannot exit the aircraft without assistance.

We need tactical ventilation to force the smoke out of the aircraft. We can connect a ventilator to the top. This allows us to perform pressurized ventilation, i.e. mechanical smoke extraction, in the aircraft.

The use of rescue ladders is on the rise in Germany and around the globe because of the gap in operational requirements that they fill. This is a gap we can finally close.

The delivery of the rescue ladder by Rosenbauer is only the beginning. Now we have to get acquainted with the alarm and march out order and revised the standard rules of engagement for this vehicle and for aircraft firefighting in general. Then we will subject the vehicle to operational tests and deploy it in the framework of our fire simulation system.”

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