Service-oriented, barrier-free and child-friendly

A good holiday is the perfect way to take a time-out from daily routine. But to make sure it really is good, Touristikmarketing Niedersachsen has launched several quality initiatives. 48 enterprises, institutions and municipalities have now been tested and certified accordingly. Daniela Behrens, State Secretary of Lower Saxony’s Ministry for Economy, Labor and Transport, presented the certificates at Hanover Airport.

O-Ton Daniela Behrens – Ministry for Economy, Labor and Transport

“I am always glad when I get the chance to honor enterprises and organizations that have done so much for tourism. Today we awarded 59 certificates to recipients from all regions of Lower Saxony. Hotels, children’s holiday camps and tourism organizations – the tourism sector here in Lower Saxony really accomplishes a lot. So it is only fitting that we should acknowledge and reward them for this.”

Service-oriented, barrier-free and child-friendly – those are indispensable aspects of tourism. Only those who feel they are in good hands, irrespective of age or physical limitations, return to holiday spots or recommend them to others. The quality initiatives “Servicequalität in Deutschland”, “Reisen für alle” und “KinderFerienLand” aim to ensure this. Hanover Airport has already been certified in one category, which is why it was selected as the venue for this event.

O-Ton Daniela Behrens – Ministry for Economy, Labor and Transport

“Hanover Airport has already been certified as a barrier-free place. The world of aviation is not only a wonderful exhibition, but also one you can visit without restrictions. This makes it a best practice example. That’s why we are here at the airport today. We are glad to be here and value the airport as an organisation taking care of accessibility.”


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