The energy scouts at Hanover Airport

Ton Benjamin Riekhoff – an energy scout at Hanover Airport

“We are the energy scouts. Our job is to implement energy-saving measures at Hanover Airport.”

Lena Haase – an energy scout at Hanover Airport

“Energy conservation is a big issue in today’s society – economically as well.”

“I think we must all join forces and do something about climate change. We can all start by taking small steps in that direction.

The task of energy scouts is to raise awareness among their colleagues, encouraging them to think about how to reduce energy consumption wherever possible.

We always try to keep our eyes open and give colleagues tips on how to conserve energy on our daily tour of the offices.”

“Our aim is to motivate our colleagues to save energy, making this a conscious part of their daily routine so they really turn off their PC or switch the lights off when leaving a room.”

“We are successful if we manage to give our colleagues a nudge. The response so far is quite promising.”

“So far we’ve got very positive feedback from our colleagues and that really motivates us to keep going.”


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