The small airborne insects measure the air quality at the airport

Even the smallest employees of Hanover Airport get ready for ‘take-off’ as the days get longer. Hanover Airport depends on biomonitoring using bees to gather routine data on the quality of the air at and around Hanover Airport. The analysis of the honey reflects the pollution of the area since plants absorb pollutants from air, water and soil and pass them on to bees in the form of nectar and/or pollen.
Three bee colonies are employed at Hanover Airport. During the summer months, they number as many as 200,000 bees. Bee colonies traverse their flying area very intensively, covering a surface of at least 12 square kilometers. Each bee makes about 40 forays per day, visiting around 4,000 blossoms in the process. In the spring, everything from crocuses to daffodils, willow catkins to hawthorn and fruit blossoms to rape seed offer pollen and nectar for bees at and around the airport.

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